The Invisible Hand

Satoshi Prepares for Record Breaking Highs

Hello bitcoiners, hodlrs, and taco munchers,

Here is my latest piece… as you may have guessed it’s called:

“The Invisible Hand - Satoshi Prepares for Record Breaking Highs”

The main purpose of this work is to show the Invisible Hand of a free market as described by Adam Smith

I also love the idea of redefining what a picture frame should be, a part of the piece itself

The purpose of this piece was to bring the Satoshi Series/Story up to date, move the mountain range along a bit and I wanted to highlight a significant moment in history

I’ve decided to have more fun with the storyline… it’s in my nature

You can read the full story on the website, with a video and a lot more pictures… I’d appreciate any and all feedback and the sharing of the piece on the usual socials