Psychedelic and Stoned

2 unique pieces for 2 new series

Hello fellow hodlrs of last resort,

It feels like forever since I’ve written to you with a new solo piece… there’s been a few reasons

Yama and the Bitcoin Bhavacakra , my collaboration with Yonat took up a lot of time and seems to be continuing a life of his own… the book we made to go with it was just a complimentary piece but we kept getting asked for copies so we’re now getting them printed

I built a new studio/workshop in the garden and I bought a new laser cutter that is an absolute beast of a machine and the biggest boys toy I could have ever dreamt of

So I’ve been learning a new machine, new software and have been inspired to try new things… these are just 2 new series I will add to as time goes by

Sacred Hope

The video and pics are here:


Infinite Potential

You can see the video and pics here:

Hope you’re all doing well and got those diamond hands in a permanent grip