Cryptoanarchy 1.0

The pill for socioeconomic ill

Hello folks,

It’s finally here!!!

This has been of the most challenging piece to date… you’ll see when you check out the video…

First of all you see Satoshi… I based my version here on the incredible Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro… so this is Satoshi the Redeemer… in his hands you can see scales… the scales represent balance for humanitarian justice, economics, and the environment

In the background you see the rising sun of hope and that the clouds have a silver lining and to signify that despite our current dark times, good times are ahead

So what I’m saying here is that Satoshi the Redeemer is going to be delivering balance to the world

To see what is fundamental to this justice you will need to spin the piece around…

To see the full write up loads more photos and the video please click here.

All the best,