Collaboration on Omnipotence No Difference

This is a 1-off piece up for auction

Hello everyone

This is the new piece of work, a one-off and a collaboration I have done together with (my girlfriend)

It’s the first collaboration we’ve ever done together so are particularly fond of it and love how it came out.

I will be auctioning it on SuperRare tomorrow, Friday

It’s been a dilemma in choosing the right platform to auction it but since there is no bitcoin platform in existence using an ethereum based solution is the only way at this moment in time…

I must add however that I am working with a bitcoin startup with plans to change this (bitcoin based auctions will be coming)… announcements about this will be made shortly

In the meantime this is my first 1-off and collaboration, enjoy and please do share

Retweets go a looong way and I will love you big time ;o)